Silver Crome Adjustable 2 Tier Hanger, Chrome, Steel, Heavy Duty

SKU: PHUS-0022

Component – Two pole sets (38mm-2ea, 32mm-2ea), Two Cross bar sets (32mm-2ea, 28mm -2ea)
Color – Chrome
Material – Steel pipe (38/32mm), Steel pipe for bars (32/28mm)
Size – Length: 40-67inches(3.33’~5.58′), height: 67-110 inches (5.58′ ~ 9.16′)
Storage – 120 shirts (approximately)
Weight -13.89lb

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Easy to install with NO Tool

Easy to organize

Easy to save money

Easy to move

Easy to customize, Perfect for carpet & floor

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Prince Hanger
  • 38/32mm – Vertical poles (Heavy Duty)
  • 32/28mm – Horizontal bar (Not being bent)
  • Color – Ivory, White, Chrome, Wooden color
  • No waste space at the top
  • Double locking system for horizontal bar (Rubber ring & Safety Bolt)
Other seller’s Product
  • 32/28mm – Vertical poles
  • 28/24mm – Horizontal bar (easy to be bent)
  • Color – Only Ivory colored item
  • Waste space at the top more than 1ft (Cannot hang your clothes close to ceiling)
  • Only one locking screw for horizontal bar (Should be loosen easily)

Frequently Asked Question

(Q) Are the bars sturdy?

  • (A) A semicircle bar bracket can support the cross bar safely. Once the safety bolt is tightened after adjusting, it will not slide down. A bar bracket has no distinction between left and right.


(Q) Are bars adjustable?

  • (A) Made with steel pipe, it holds up to a 167lb load without any deformation – follow the recommended load in the user manual. After adjusting the length, screw the safety bolt in for maximum safety. Adjustments of height and width (3.28′-5.57′) promises efficient utilization of space.


(Q) Is it hard to install?

  • (A) Assembling and disassembling parts are a very easy and simple process. No tools necessary. Please see the instruction.


(Q) Is the pole sturdy?

  • (A) The Spring loading system tightly locks at both ends. The pole has a one-touch adjustable device to assemble parts easy and simple.


  • Assembling and disassembling parts are very easy and simple. No tools necessary.(DIY)
  • The Powder Coating prevents peeling and discoloration.
  • A cross bar can hold up to 167lb.
  • A 38mm diameter pole prevents bending.
Holder (Bar Bracket)
  • The bar bracket holds a cross bar firmly.
  • You can adjust its height to maximize the storage capacity, and lock it by screwing in the safety bolt.
Pole Cap
  • Poles fix solid against the ceiling with the spring device inside the upper pole
  • Anti-slip rubber plate for added safety
Reach Stick
  • Reach stick will be sent with package
  • Easy to hang your clothes on upper pole without step ladder
Installation Tips
  • Extending vertical pole toward both ceiling and floor.
  • Fasten safety bolt as tight as possible, so that tip of safety bolt go into vertical pole and become embedded. (Heat treatment was applied to tip of safety bolt, so that it’s strong enough to penetrate the steel vertical pole)
  • Shake vertical pole by hand to ensure the vertical pole set up firmly.
Adjusting width and height
  • Easy to put up and Stable
  • Adjustments in height and width promises efficient utilization of space.
  • A-A Screw fastener made by using heat-processing holds tightly pole. (Attention: Screw bolt have to be installed straightly while poles are installed)
Outstanding Quality (Lifetime)
  • Broken part that has been damaged under normal use will be covered by Princehanger.
  • Lost part is not covered. / Lost part can be purchased from Princehanger.
  • Damage due to improper installation, neglect, or misuse is not covered.
  • Shipping cost for replacement part will be on customer.
  • Proof of purchase will be required. (Order Number / product name and name of purchaser)
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