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Deluxe 4Tier & Shelf Hanger with Curtain


Can create your perfect closet by yourself. 5 rods can take over 210 shirts. Bothside curtains keep your clothes invisible. One complete set of wardrobe.


5 cross bars, 4 poles, 2 wire shelves, 1 curtain set
Wire shelf Size : 75x30x3.5cm (30x19x2.2inch)
Curtain Size : 220(H)x145(W)cm (87(H)x57(W)inch)
(when it installed : 100(front)x22.5(side)cm (39.4(front)x8.9(side)inch)
COLOR : ivory, curtain : ivory


width : 275~415cm (108~164inch), height : 170~253cm (67~100inch), depth : 57cm (22.5inch)
WEIGHT : 15kg (33LBs)

was : $229.95 $199.89 QUANTITY.

Toal : $199.89


But It Now



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Premium Wood 2Tier Hanger with Curtain

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  • NOW : $99.89


Simple 2Tier Hanger with Curtain

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Catalin 12013-07-22 04:17:40

Delete This is one super clever idea. If you can not stand the crowds and like to have a lot of house cleaning, then you should not hesitate to buy this Deluxe 4Tier & Hanger Shelf with Curtain. I will definitely order it after I finish the house and the rooms refurbished or to be reconfigured. Great for my little tiny bedroom that's right, but I'll replace massive closet curtains method.
It is very roomy, you can put a lot of shirts, pants and shirts, sweaters, great for a single. :)
I say to those who like to change the house, to come up with something new, Deluxe 4Tier & Hanger Shelf with Curtain is ideal for this.

Geena 12013-07-22 05:29:54

Delete I think this is a very useful and helpful storage system for ones clothes and accessories. I wish I had one. I'll certainly try to acquire one.

Marko 12013-07-22 06:03:17

Delete I received 2 racks exactly when promised and had them both put together in less than 15 minutes (using an allen wrench drill bit). Racks are very sturdy and extremely useful in our alterations business, where we have long gowns and many articles of clothing to hang. I will be ordering a couple more as soon as needed.I still had both racks within a week after initial shipment.

ashraf001 12013-07-22 08:24:39

Delete I've long wanted to replace our bulky old shower doors with a curtain in our home's one-and-only family bathroom This shower sees a lot of action, from our daily showers to my son's baths A curtain eliminates that bottom rail, making it much easier to give baths And left open when not in use the room now expands larger than before I was daunted by the idea of dealing with holes in the wall and possibly the tub! but I'm so glad I took the plunge

Anne 12013-07-22 10:08:12

Delete I bought this product and I loved. It didn't take too much time to install and the instructions were easy to understand. The rack is beautiful and it let all my clothes and accessories organized and the good thing is that comes with the curtains, that means clothes without dust (which was my biggest problem with the others racks that I've already used). Also, I thought the price is very good for the great quality of the product, especially if you are looking for a practical closet, but don't have much space available in your room.
I will definitely recommend this product and I'm thinking to buy another for the others rooms of my apartment.

Eihatsu 12013-07-22 12:24:24

Delete I've heard nothing but good things about Prince Hanger. I've placed my order and can't wait to receive it. Always had such a problem with space in my cupboards, and I've got no doubt that this will help me solve my problems.

stanciusandel 12013-07-23 04:14:33

Delete Almost everyone I know puts their clothes on a chair when they go to bed at night., well, not me, not any more since i bought this 4Tier & Shelf Hanger. God ! sweet deal !!


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